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for all sizes from
 mini to RG 6/59

New blister packs
containing a cable stripper and IEC or F
 self-Install connectors
for home installations

Download the latest Cabelcon Newsletter
June 2012

Available in 3 languages


June 2012 - UPDATED!

 CX3 compression catalogue





April 2012 - UPDATED!

 QuickMount™ RG6

Quickmount 7.0 is now waterproof! Designed for super easy installation on cold and hard PE cables.


Cabelcon SpringConnect

Designed for use in fixed installations. Permanent continuity is ensured until
 its completely disconnected.



Tool Case

Designed for virtually no set-up or tear down time.


Corning OptiSnap
is the most cost-effective field termination method available!




           Links to OptiSnap Installation videos: 

  OptiSnap Installation on 900 micron Cable

  OptiSnap Installation on Jacketed Cable

  OptiSnap Installation on 250 micron coated fiber

  OptiSnap Installation Tool Go/No-Go Feature    

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